INTERVIEW TO BATTLEROAR - Defenders of True Steel from Greece ¡¡¡¡


Defenders of True Steel from Greece ¡¡¡¡

One more time we have the chance to change some ideas with one the mindmasters of the Greeks Battleroar, nowadays releasing their last act of power called "To Death and Beyond". Check the interview with his bassplayer Gus:

MUNDO ROCK: Hello, glad to get the chance to do this interview with your band. I’d like to know how are all you and what are you emotions regarding the release of the new album “Of Death and Beyond”?

GUS (BATTLEROAR): Hello Miguel. this is Gus the bass player of the band and i would like to thank you for giving us the chance to talk about our band...well we re all fine and really happy with the release of our new album !

MUNDO ROCK; For whose still doesn’t know the name of Battleroar, could you tell us a little about history of the band?

GUS: The band was formed back in 2000. in 2002 me and Marco (the singer) joined the band and in 2003 we recorded our first cd. In 2005 our second was released and was called Age Of Chaos. Our last cd was released a couple of months earlier this year and it is calle To Death And Beyond. During these years we were lucky enough to play in some great festivals in Europe such as Keep It True, Headbanger's Open Air, Up The Hammers, Swordbrothers Festival, Play It Loud and March Metal Day were we played with Manowar, Rhapsody, Epica and some other bands...we also had the chance to play with bands like Manilla Road, Omen, Jag Panzer, Amon Ammarth, Edguy, Brocas Helm, Bonfire, Mystic Prophecy and many others. In 2006 we did our first headline mini tour and we played in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland and Ireland.

MUNDO ROCK: Really it’s cool to check how is growing the great Greek stage over the last years, with a lot of great metal acts into the Heavy Metal Scene like Dream Weaver, Mutiny, Sacred Blood, Strikelight, among others, but Battleroar seems to be one of the leaders into this scene. What is happening with the Greek Army nowadays and why do you think that is leaving a deep mark over the rest of Europe??

GUS: Greece were most known for the black/death metal scene with some extraordinary for this kind of music bands like Rotting Christ and Septic Flesh . The last years as you mentioned the greek heavy power metal scene is growing and some great bands have emerged along with some older ones and i think Greece nowdays have one of the strongest metal scenes worldwide! I think Firewind is the best example right now . There so many bands i d like to mention , i think Battleroar, Inner Wish, Airged Lamh, Casus Belli, Wrathblade and Firewind are my personal favorites but they re definately many more!

MUNDO ROCK: How was the composition and production for “To Death and Beyond” ?

GUS: Well... the composition of the songs is something always very hard for us with me living in England, Marco in Italy and the rest of the band in Greece !!! thank God for the internet !!!!We always exchange our ideas through the internet and we do our final touches in the studio! so we gathered all together in Athens for about one week to work on the new songs and at the end of 2007 we started recordings. we recorded the whole album in Greece this time and i think we did the right think because it was much easier and comfortable to work there. the result was fantastic and we re very happy about the production and the whole process!

MUNDO ROCK: What activities are coming in order to promote this new album?

GUS: we ve already played in April in Germany at the Keep It True Festival and we did a mini tour with Manilla Road. we also played at the Up The Hammers festival in Greece. right now we re promoting the album doing interviews and we re going to do a few headline shows in September and October later this year...we also confirmed our appearence in 2 festivals in Italy and Spain in November

MUNDO ROCK: Until 2005 year your label was the Greek Black Lotus Records, but now in 2008 you are with the Italians Cruz del Sur, so the question is what happened in the meantime to change the home label?

GUS: Unfortunately Black Lotus had some financial problems and they were eventually bankrupt.

MUNDO ROCK: Musically speaking, what differences you can tell between the new album and the last “Age of Chaos”?

GUS: I’d say that Age of Chaos was more dark with many mid tempo songs and a very polished production. The new album is faster, catchy, more heavy and the production is far better than the previous one ! It still has its epic moments though!

MUNDO ROCK: What you likes and what not likes from the the present moment of Heavy Metal?

GUS: Personally I like everything about heavy metal...for me its a way of life and i would never change it !! The whole connection between the fans and the bands is something amazing and i think you cant find this in any other kind of music. there are so many bands everywhere in the world who keep the flame alive and this is the most promising thing! the only thing upsets me is that all the great bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath will come to an end sooner or later and this is going to be very hard for the whole metal community!

MUNDO ROCK: Could you let us know some kind of words for our readers here in Chile and rest of South America too?

GUS: I wish you and your readers good health and i hope you ll keep the metal flame alive over there !!


We talk in exclusive with Matt Aghetti, drummer and leader of the US Heavy Hair Metal band Battle Bratt, whose was very popular in the early 80s with the release of the S/T album. Now, we had the pleasure to interchange some lines with Matt, who spoke about this new era, the musical changes around Battle Bratt, since the eighties with his more Classic Heavy Metal orientated sound until the more industrial Metal that they plays nowadays, among others:
MUNDO ROCK(Miguel Ramirez):Hello Matt, how are you?? Nice to do my first interview with a true survivor from the crazy 80s of the Hair Heavy Metal scene. How do you feel about today’s music being out of the scene for so long??? It’s cool to see a good old band back on the road again…
MATT: Hi Miguel and thanks for the interview. Regarding your question it feels great to play music again and with our return we have a completely new sound and feel, as you know it’s been a while and music has changed so much since the eighties.

MUNDO ROCK: It must be very different to be active in the new century, compared to the 80s??
MATT: Yes it is different and life has changed so very, much, I now ride an ass-kickin Harley, have a Hot 30-year girl friend, and at 45-years of age, I still feel young.

MUNDO ROCK: What was the main reason for the band to go separate ways in the 80s??
MATT: Life goes on and we moved on with it. Some bands have stayed together for 20-years or more and those who did, as our freinds from AC/DC say, “for those about to rock, we salute you!!”...

MUNDO ROCK: In the meantime, since the break up the band, and now with the reunion, what have you worked on, or done musically speaking??
MATT: I worked Chris Moriarty and Paul Lemos both from the infamous and legendary Industrial bands “Controlled Bleeding” and “Skin Chamber”…. Most of my work was with Chris Moriarty on our band “Inflicted System” where I played guitar, check it out at we have a myspace website running our songs and a bio to read about what I was up to...
MUNDO ROCK: The reviews about your 2 new releases (“Seed of the Universe- 2006 – and “Forged in Steel” -2007) have been very different concerning the reactions, because while one say that the new sound has a very modern approach, others says that it still remains with an old school sound. What would you say about that?
MATT: "Seed of the Universe" was an ambient collection that never saw the light of day, I sent out three copies of the demo cd to get a feel for what was going to be and it wasn’t good, so I pulled it back into the studio and spent another year on it, completely re-wrote the songs, brought in a producer, and “Forged In Steel” was created….” Forged In Steel” is my absolute best works... It’s Heavy, melodic, somewhat industrial, but by no means is eighties….

MUNDO ROCK: What can you say about the process of composing and recording the latest album “Forged in Steel”??
MATT: "Forged In Steel" was a project that was very time consuming for me because I alone funded the project and being the sole owner to the music, band name, and project manager, I was going to be very selective as to what was going on the album. No one else wanted to front out any cash for the recordings and at one time I brought back all the past members for the new project, but seeing how it was going to be an issue of who was going to do what, write what, and have a say in what, I said fuck it, and just decided that I was going to be a new Battle Bratt album of what I wanted to release and that is now entitled “Forged In Steel” and so Jim Kane and Bill Kania two early band soldiers said do it Matt, and we’ll back you, so I did it.
MUNDO ROCK: Surely there must be some difficulties with distributing of your new music and touring, if you are not with a big promotion company backing you. What are you doing to promote the new album??
MATT: I need a tour promotor and it seems as though this time around a bulk of our press and new found success is coming out of South America, unlike the last time where it was Europe... Seeing how we have alot of press and great reviews coming out of Brazil and other outerlaying South American states, we are open to Touring in your country and all over South America if the opportunity should be entertained... If any Tour promotors are interested in working with us, please contact us at
And to ellaborate on your question we sell many cd’s off of our website and ebay, we have some smaller distributors in Japan and throughout Europe and to date we have sold out of the first run being 100-copies, we have pressed a second-run to keep the distribution out there. As far as label and distributors I really didn’t want to sign with any Indi labels for this release because that would mean that I would have guarntee the rights of the release to a stranger for 10 to 15 years, and really didn’t want to give up any rights to anyone this time around.
MUNDO ROCK: What places and or countries you have seen the more enthusiastic reactions with your return?? Will it be priority to promote there??
MATT: As I said in my last answer and to elborate once again, most of our new found success in coming out of South America and you South American’s know how to rock....
MUNDO ROCK: How is it possible to shop the new and the old releases at the same time??
MATT: The old releases are distributed on Battle Cry Records a Europen label so they are handing all the distribution for the reissues. The reissues did open alot of doors for our new release as I though it would, and of course, releasing a new album was something I wanted to do but the timing wasn’t right until now.

MUNDO ROCK: Please Matt, how about a last message for our audience and readers from Mundo Rock here in Chile??
MATT: Metal music will always remain the backbone of all music, it stays hard and heavy while all the pop sucking cherry pop songs come and go overnight. Metal music remains on the charts twenty years after it was released, stay true to your metal...


This is our first section in English just for Interviews for the great metal and rock bands around the world. If you wish to be interviewed for our website just contact me at . MUNDO ROCK taking the way of True Music ¡¡

Welcome to our most recent interview, this time with the UK based band Eden's Curse, one of the most promising heavy hard metal bands coming from Europe this year, and so far with the most interesting brandnew self-titled album. Check now what we talked with the bassist Paul Logue, cofounder member of Eden's Curse:

MR:. Hi …, how are you doing? This is MIguel from Mundo Rock show, Chile. What are you doing just at the moment?

Paul: Hi Miguel, Greetings from freezing called Scotland to my brothers and sister of Metal in Chile!! At this very moment I'm training my pet Sea Lion to paint! Ha ha, only kidding ... I'm currently sitting in the studio finishing off the demos for the second Eden's Curse album.

MR: Ha, ha, ...How was the foundation of Eden’s Curse, because I know that all you have been envolved in your own bands, such as Domain (in the case of Carsten), Steve Grimmet band (in the case of Pete Newdeck), or Code of Perfection (in the case of Thorsten)??

Paul: Well, to start Carsten isn't IN the band. He is closely related - like a cousin. Basically in short, I started the band with Michael Eden (vocals) when I found him on a Musician's Message board and sent him an email to see if he was still looking to start a new band. We hit it off immediately and starting writing. I brought in Pete, who is an old label mate of mine, and we posted an advert on the internet looking for a Guitarist. Carsten was managing Thorsten and brought him to our attention. We had the four of us in place by late January 2006 and Ferdy joined in June 2006.

MR: How do you melt the so many different styles in the music of E’sC??

Paul: I guess the influences range from European hard hitters like Edguy, Pink Cream 69 to US rockers Queensryche and Dokken all wrapped up in a tight little pastry cooked by chef extraordinaire Dennis Ward.

MR: How has been the response for this debut around the world??

Paul: It has been truly fantastic - way beyond our expectations! We are selling extremely well in Europe and Japan and America is doing not too badly either. The press reaction and the fan reaction has been utterly mind blowing.

MR: How much time took the recording of the album and what can you say about this process??

Paul: We started in January 2006 and we finished in September 2006. We all have our own studios so we were able to work at our own pace without the added pressure of time constraints and money ultimately resulting in fantastic performances. Michael and I travelled to Germany to record the vocals with Dennis Ward and that was a great experience and one we hope to repeat next year. Why change a winning formula ?

MR: What are your faves songs and why???

Paul: I love all of them, but special mention has to go to "Judgement Day" - the first song I played Michael, "Stronger Than The Flame" - It just sums up everything I love about hard rock. A fine blend of European / US rock sounds and the first track we co-wrote with Carsten. "The Voice Inside" - a very special song about Michael's parents, "Fallen King" - a little bit of Scottish history and a riff and solo to die for!

MR: Where are you touring currently or where are scheduled your gigs to promote to “E’s’C”??

Paul: Nothing is booked yet, but we hope to be on some European festivals this summer and touring in late 2008 after the second record is released. We'd be delighted to come to South America too if someone books us hint hint !!

MR:Definitely Eden’s Curse could be considerated more like a band or a project???

PAUL:A project is put together for monetary reasons and never plays live. Money is not the motivating factor in this band and playing live is extremely high on our agenda and will happen in 2008 I promise! The "P" word is banned in Camp Curse!

MR:Can you give some words for whom will read this here in Chile please??

PAUL: Remember the days when guitarists new how to play a solo, singers new how to sing and the production kicked ass ... remember no more Eden's Curse has arrived with two boxing gloves filled with lead !!! Go knock yourself out Brothers and Sisters in Metal and let yourself be cursed, stay Metal and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and we hope to see you in 2008! God bless. Visit the bands official website at or the official MySpace site at

This is our first interview for the excellent and just recent added in our highlight release album ENCHANTER with "Symbols in stone". We had to chance to keep a funny conversation with the drummer Ray Perron who carefully answered all our questions about one of the most promising bands from the US, the craddle of the most magnificent bands from the 80s Heavy Metal.

Miguel: Hello Ray: please let me know how the band start around 10 years ago??

Ray Perron: From an ad in a local paper. I called John Chouinards ad looking to form or join band. He knew Maurice and I knew Mark Elliott. August 1991 is when enchanter formed.

Miguel: since that days til today the band still manages to be signed. How do you fell after so many time living in the underground??

Ray Perron:I love the gives you a sense of accomplishment without any industry help. I enjoy all the people and the ways to cause a buzz. Sure I would love a little fame and fortune, but the road to success is the thrill. It can also be frustrating because as an unsigned band, it's tough to reach your whole potential audience. Without the backing of the industry it's hard to fully grow.

Miguel: Really I agree with you man. But you know maybe your band will be destined to be just status cult band as many others in the past like Griffin or Brocas Helm, don't you think ??

Ray Perron: I'm unsure. I personally think that if we had the right help we could sell many records. If we had all the fans of the bands that we're compared with, combined we could possibly sell a million records. That would take us out of the underground cult status, don't you think?

Miguel: yeah. Im agree with you. But for another hand: Are you preparing right now some new stuff after the well received for the metal press CD ·"Symbols in stone"?

Ray Perron: We still have 2 officially unreleased disc's, and we're planning to write a new record soon. We're finishing up the final mix on the up coming Secrets Vol 1 record. We plan on releasing it very soon, possibly within a couple of months.

Miguel:and about your gigs: how you could describe a live show of Enchanter; how is the feeling between the band and the fans?? Or what can expect the people from a band like you ??

Ray Perron: We just do our thing. We always get a decent response from the people. You can expect to get a good vibe from us because we always play to please. It doesn't matter the size of the crowd because we go there to rock.

Miguel: what would you say to whose that still don' get "Symbols in stone" ??

Ray Perron: That's a good question...I'm uncertain how to answer. I would say that if you've heard about it, and your a fan of heavy metal, check it out. I would hope you enjoy it and come out to see us.

Miguel:well, in the last time I've seen a lot of good response from the European media and also a lot of great band performing in the most popular festivals like Keep it True or Dinamo Fest. It's possible for Enchanter a tour at least for Europe in the next months ?? I guess that you have been invited over there?? Let us know more please

Ray Perron:
Europe is one of our goals and we would love to go over to play. Unfortunately, being the unsigned underground cult status band that we are, we lack the resources to get ourselves over there. We have been invited to play and the gigs are there. we simply don't have the backing yet to take care of things.

Miguel: How you can see the band in a 3 or 5 years more?

Ray Perron: Well, in my dreams we'll be getting off a world tour with platinum record sales. Again, unfortunately...being the unsigned underground cult status band that we are, without the proper help it's hard to tell. We could be disbanded or successful rockstars. To me, selling another 5000 records on our own and growing in the underground, seeking a record contract is what I'm looking at, I'm patient.

Miguel: My friend now changing the line again: Musically how do you work the composition in every song or where you take the inspiration for a cool song ??

Ray Perron: Our music happens from all different sources. A bass riff, or a drumline...sometimes the words are first, or guitar and drums. Sometimes we have all the music and Maurice takes a tape of it and writes the lyrics. It just happens naturally, a sort of chemistry.

MIguel: Great for your answer man. For me personally It was the first experience interviewing a US Metal band that is playing from the heart. Well Ray, thanks a lot for your time and as the first fan of the band here in Chile, what would you like to say to the Chileans bangers at this moment ?? How the people that is reading this lines can to enter in touch with Enchanter ??

Ray Perron: It's been a pleasure. I would like to say that we appreciate all the people for their support, worldwide. Everyone in chile, keep it heavy and spread the enchanter word, keep it true. Hopefully Symbols In Stone will soon be in heavier distribution so all can find the disc. Just search "enchanter symbols in stone" for more info. Contact us direct @


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