INTERVIEW TO CLOUDSCAPE "A Global Drama over our heads..."

MR: Tell us a Little about your history as band, when did you form Cloudscape ¿?

MIKE ANDERSSON: Cloudscape was formed in 2001. We started to write songs, rehearse them and trying to send demos to different record labels. Cloudscape consists of Mike Andersson (me) on lead vocals, Björn Eliasson on guitars, Patrik Svärd on guitars, Haynes Pherson on Bass and Roger Landin on drums. In 2002 we signed a management agreement with “Roastinghouse productions” in order for them helping us introducing our music to labels so, in 2004 we recorded our first (self titled) album at “Roastinghouse studios” which was released in Japan though “Marquee/Avalon” and in Europe through German label “Metal Heaven”in January 2005. We did a few shows during 2005 to promote our album and also did a show at “Progpower Europe” in The Netherlands. In January 2006 we entered the Roastinghouse studio again in order to record our second album entitled “Crimson skies”. It was released in June 2006 all over Europe but, this time U.S label “Nightmare records” showed interest in Cloudscape as well so, they released the album in the USA and Canada as well. We continued performing a bunch of shows (Sweden rock festival, Progpower UK, Norway Metal Heart Festival etc etc). In 2007 it was time again to enter the studio in order to record our third album....”Global drama”. With “Global drama” we changed European label and is now working with Goldencore / Roastinghouse records for the European territories. Nightmare records will once again handle the U.S and Canadian territories. So, here we are...

MR: Global Drama sounds like a very dramatic and sometimes even more dark than your previous álbum from 2006 “Crimson SKies”: What happened the idea to create this new release ¿?

MIKE ANDERSSON: We wanted to widen our music and dynamics a bit by both becoming heavier and rawer + we also wanted to show a more atmospheric, softer and more progressive side of Cloudscape. We are of course very happy with our 2 previous albums but, Global drama is more thoughtout and more mentally planned musically in all ways. The dark mood in the songs comes from today’s situation in our world. Wars, pollution and all other sad things you hear about in the news.

MR: Regarding the cover, it’ is very good but I’d like to know what is the idea that you want to leave through this image???

MIKE: Well, in one way I think it would be better to ask art designer Mattias Norén about that but, he created a picture (image) of how he sees the album title Global drama. I think there are so many things to explore in the booklet that you can make up own thoughts about;). Basically, we are living in a turbulent world...that’äs what the cover shows in a exaggurated way;)

MR: What are the things that definitly you should suggest for everyone that still don’t hear the new álbum??

MIKE: Go buy it, hehehe;). I think that, there are songs for a broader audience. Our music of course still sound “Cloudscape” but, there are so much more compared to our previous albums so, it’s definietly worth a listen;)

MR: Since a long time that I’ve Heard a lot of excellent progg bands from Sweden, such as Andromeda or Evergrey , now also I know your band, what is happening there in Sweden with the metal progg scene, if really we can find a true scene for this genre in your country??

MIKE: Hahahaha, well, I don’t know why Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia have so many good bands considering Sweden is a small country...maybe it’s the air or something, hehehe. Thanx a lot for appreciating Swedish metal:).

MR: What activities are you programming in order to promote the new álbum, such as tours or others ¿?

MIKE: There are no tours planned yet but, we REALLY hope that we will get a descent tour opportunity for Global drama. We really wanna get out on the road to meet our fans and rock the world. We have a few single gigs planned in different clubs and festivals such as Bloodstock Open Air in the UK + more. We will really try to arrange a tour this time.

MR: How is the response for Cloudscape around the world ¿??

MIKE: It’s growing and growing for each album we release so, we are really happy to see how many fans we do have already so, lets hope that our fanbase continues to grow thanks to Global Drama:).

MR: How you would project the career of Cloudscape from here to some 10 or 15 years more??

MIKE: We will still be rocking and composing music I’m sure. Music is a way of life and a lifelong lovestory for me so, I’m sure Cloudscape still exists in 10 – 15 yeass:)

MR: Do you know something about the Southamerican scene??

MIKE: Not much I must admit. I have a few live DVD’s from Rio (Rush, Iron Maiden) and a Yngwie J. Malmsteen DVD filmed in Sao Paolo. Except for these DVD’s I don’t know so much about the music scene in South America except for the fact that people loves metal there:)

MR: Finally, This is something that always I must request for every interviewed, could you leave a message for our readers from Southamerica or rest of the world please ¿??

MIKE: Hello dear fans, metalheads and....everybody else;). We really hope that YOU check out the new CLOUDSCAPE album entitled GLOBAL DRAMA. Spread the word about Cloudscape and if it weren’t for You, Cloudscape wouldn’t exist for the masses. You rule!!

Please visit our websites at:

Take care you all, be nice to eachother

Cheers and ROCK ‘N ROLL
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