INTERVIEW TO IVORY TOWER "the German Progressive Metal more alive than ever..."

MR: What happened with Ivory Tower in the last years?? Really has passed a long time without to get news from you because just I remember an album from 2000 with Limb Music?

ANDRE: After the release "Beyond the stars" in 2000 some band members (Thorsten, Stephan and Stefan) backed out of Ivory Tower because of private reasons. Beyond this Sven and me decided to end our contract with our label company. Before we started working on new material we'd had a little break then. Looking for new band members took a very long time. And, man I tell you, you cannot imagine what we were experiencing during that time. (Kn)
And so, after finishing the recordings, finding a new label even took a very long time. All in all it took over 8 years (and they have been running so fast).

MR: There is some members with parallel projects to Ivory Tower ?

ANDRE: Well, we all had our main jobs to do.
And what could musicians do when they don't have a main band. They try to show their talent in coverband projects.

MR: I've read that the new album was ready in 2007 (or 2006) but for different reasons it cannot be officially released?? What problems do you have?

ANDRE: As we had decided to do a new album we were searching for a new company after the recordings. After a while we found one but this company liquidated before we could release the album. And so Ivory Tower was back on the market........unfortunately again!

MR: How you going working every song in the composition and what kind of ideas were currently your founts of inspirations to write songs for this album?

ANDRE: I told Sven I would like to do a concept album and told him about the basic story which was already a long time in my mind. And so he tried to compose songs for that destination. As the basic compositions were ready I put them in a structured dramatical row and wrote the words for them.

MR: What was the best thing that you liked of the new album?

ANDRE: Oh, man....absolutely the recordings. What can I tell you. We had time. No one was disturbing, resp. pushing us. So we could practise many things. And we had so much fun while practising.

MR: And what do you unlike it regarding the musical result or the production phase?

ANDRE: Direct after the recordings we were very satisfied with the result. You know, after a while of time and hearing there is always something you could have done better. But would it have been really better if you had done it on the spot. No, no, I think everything turned out as we wanted it that time. There is nothing to unlike !!!!

MR: There is a great and growing scene in the Progg Metal in Germany, with many popular acts such as Vanden Plas, Superior,yourself, among others, but could you speak a little more about the rest of the scene in your country?

ANDRE: Well, we are listening to very different styles of music. Not only metal. Also Pop, Rock, Classic, etc. But let's talk about Metal
When I'm listening to a (for me) unknown band I´m first not very interested in where they come from. The main thing is that they are good. For the past it were for me PYRAMAZE (i guess they are from Denmark), ASSAILANT (Country ??), AYREON (the new album).

MR: Have you received some feedback from SouthAmerican fans ??

ANDRE: Yes, there were some Mails. Thanks for that !!!

MR: What are your expectatives for the new album "It"?

ANDRE: Since 9th of May the album has been released under the name of "subjective enemy" and we are feel fine with everything.

MR: Which is the concept behind the coverart (anyway very good cover, guys)??

ANDRE: In question 9 you talk about the album "it". This is PAST. And so I have to ask you which kind of cover artwork do you know??
The album was released with a clock in the center of the front.
You can watch it at .
Our main homepage isn't up to date. We are working on it :-)

MR: How you got the deal with the new label Pure Steel Records?? It was very hard work??

ANDRE: Good relationships mean, no just kidding. We applied at many label companies. And Pure Steel was one of them. They liked us, we liked them and so the business could start and Ivory Tower was reborn. (We were never gone !!)

MR: What message you could leave for our readers here in Chile and rest of Southamerica ??

ANDRE: When Heavy Metal leaves in you the same feeling of creeps, relief and reduction of agressions as it leaves in me, so..........
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